About Us/FAQ's

~ Locally Owned & Operated ~
We are Savannah’s only gallery dedicated to the American Studio Glass Movement. We specialize in Art Glass but we curate a selection of artworks produced in many mediums from 50 + American Studios. We have locally made jewelry, paintings and mosaics. We seek high quality, unique works from artisans across the USA.

We offer Payment Plans, Design Consulting, Local Delivery & Installation
& Worldwide Shipping.
For International Shipments please contact us directly at: 912.232.3600 and we will help complete and process your order. We've shipped to 18 Countries and counting! 


Frequently asked questions...

Did you make all this here?

We curate an ever evolving collection of North American studio works. Our primary focus is glass but we also offer a selection of works in other mediums including acrylic on canvas and niobium jewelry. We have our own exclusive line of Niobium jewelry that is made in house. Each piece is carefully selected and must meet our stringent expectations for beauty, durability and quality.  

I have an idea for something custom. Can you have it made?

Often times things like specific colors, for instance of a particular vase, are available but not on hand.  Email us and we’ll be happy to help.  We stay well informed about what our studios have available.  As far as a totally custom form and color that’s not likely as a lot of research and development go into making the offerings already available.  Total custom would necessitate the same and is typically cost prohibitive for the desired outcome. Therefore, it's not something we currently offer.

I’m purchasing gifts can you send them to another address?

We’re always happy to be a part of your gift giving.  We’re happy to ship to a third party and can include complimentary gift wrap and a personal message.

When ordering from your website will I receive the exact piece shown?

Often times you will, especially with very unique pieces like Vortex Orbs. Other images may be representational and with all handmade items they will vary from one to the next. If there are big differences between the image online and the one ordered, we’ll make that clear and ask your approval before shipping.  Your satisfaction is always our highest priority.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping prices are determined by size, weight and distance.  We maintain accounts with FedEx, UPS and USPS and determine the best shipper based on the item being shipped. After your items are ready to go we’ll send you tracking via email.

What about damage during shipping?  

While it’s very rare for an item to be damaged in shipping (our breakage rate is less than a fraction of 1%) we always declare a value in the event we do need to make a claim.  If that happens getting a replacement to you is our top priority.  In order for us to do that please do the following:

1) Be careful not to cut yourself on any broken pieces.

2) Keep all packaging and broken pieces in the box as best you can.  Do not discard any of these pieces. The shipper may elect to pick up the items and shipping materials in order to pay our claim.  Payment of claim will never effect your replacement or the timeline for it to arrive to you. We will keep you in the loop as best we can through the claims process so it's as quick and easy as possible.  

3) Give us a call or send us an email to let us know as quickly as possible about the damage. Take pictures of the damage and the packaging and send them to us at:

Failure to report damages to our office within 10 days of receiving your package, will result in forfeiture of your ability to receive a refund and a replacement will only be sent at additional cost to you. 

4) We’ll immediately start working to get a replacement piece to you as soon as possible. Our claim process with the shipper will not affect when you receive a new piece. You must follow these steps for us to properly document what has happened and for us to get your new piece sent out. 


We are a family owned and operated business since 2009. We truly appreciate your patronage as we continue to support American made. Your total satisfaction is our #1 Priority. We look forward to making your life more artful.