Palm Tree Mosaic Window
Palm Tree Mosaic Window

Palm Tree Mosaic Window

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Mosaics are intricate 'paintings' with thousands of pieces of glass shards. Each piece is hand broken and glued to a glass backer, creating a colorful landscape scene. The glass is then grouted and the entire piece is encased in an epoxy resin leaving a smooth and glossy surface. This scene is grouted with three different colored grouts to enhance the overall effect. A tedious and time consuming artwork that creates a look like no other that captures light like no other medium. Glass colors will shift tones and shades throughout the day and iridescent glass adds sparkle and new interest throughout the piece as viewed from differing angles. 

Ready to hang in window or on a wall to create your own dreamy landscape view no matter where you live.  New lowered price point!! A stunning piece you can love daily. :) Shipping included. 

Dimensions: 27” x 35 3/4”

Made in Savannah

Custom commissions are welcomed.