Collection: Art is Dead Series

The following series was created with an AI generative software program. While it is referred to AI - it is important to note, it does not and cannot create anything on it's own. 

Art history shows new technologies often impact the art world but have yet to be it’s destruction. The camera didn’t break art and neither did photoshop but both were very controversial when new.

As an art dealer, director and maker I felt required to see for myself and started experimenting with this “text to image” generator known as Midjourney. That was the genesis for this body of work. The core argument from many artists being “art is quite literally dead. Artificial Intelligence will take over all creative endeavors while humans will be prevented from making any creative work of any kind.”

If that were the case Mega Corp. would be the ones to write the headlines letting us all in on the news. Ironically, they’d use graphic design and social media to spread the message.

The ART IS DEAD series envisions those very marketing signs as seen through a lens skewed with the knowledge this new technology can’t kill art but instead will have the opposite effect inspiring even more art to be created.

This collection used Midjourney, for all aspects of the images. It was made between October - November of 2022. requiring approx. 150 working hours to produce, during which time over 3,300 images were rendered. MJ does NOT like to print readable text. All work is printed using archival inks on 100% cotton rag with acid free mattes and backers. 

Stephen Kasun Blockbuster, acrylic on canvas.