Fused Glass, Mosaics & Misc.

Fused Glass Artworks that can be displayed on your walls and Mosaics that can be displayed in a window to brighten any room.

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Sea Glass pieces are fused by local artist Greg Rawls. They are lightweight and easy to hang and install. The hook to hang them is fused into the backside so it hangs on one nail without extra hardware. This also allows them to lay table top. A fun accent piece on a wall or surface. Create a colorful installation with several pieces.

Mosaics are created here in Savannah by the Gallery Owner. She has been making mosaics for 30 years. Each mosaic is a one of a kind image filled w/ hundreds or thousands of hand broken stained glass pieces. Custom inquiries are welcome.

If you'd like help envisioning what different artworks could look like in your home, we can help. We can take an image of your space and add the desired artworks to it and let you see a virtual display before committing to the final look. 

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