Fused Glass & Mosaics

Our current selection of Fused Glass Artworks that can be displayed on your walls and Mosaics that can be displayed in a window to brighten any room.

Stingrays and Sea Glass are both lightweight pieces that are easy to hang and install. The largest Stingray weights less than 10 pounds. Stingrays have removable tails, making shipment easy and also allows you to position them exactly to your liking on the wall. We have a short video to send to help with install too.

Mosaics are created here in Savannah by the Gallery Owner. She has been making mosaics for 30 years. Each mosaic is a one of a kind image filled w/ hundreds or thousands of hand broken stained glass pieces. Each piece is broken w/ glass nippers creating a unique shape, the pieces are glued to a glass backing, grouted and covered in epoxy for ease of cleaning. Custom work is welcomed.

If you'd like help envisioning what different artworks could look like in your home, we can help. We can take an image of your space and add the desired artworks to it and let you see a virtual display before committing to the final look. 

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