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Nail Files

Nail Files

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The Original Tempered Glass Nail File

Permanently etched for extra long life.  These files are guaranteed to stay sharp for years.  Files quickly and smoothly so you’ll experience less peeling, splitting and breaking. TSA Approved for flight. A great gift for many occasions!

Beware of the cheap imitators. They are not tempered glass so they can shatter when they're dropped and their sprayed on finish will come off rather quickly. Invest in the original glass files and you'll be happy you did for many years to come. Each file is decorated with dichroic glass tops that are always unique to that file.
Packaged for easy gift giving, including an info sheet. 

Small: 3 1/2" length

Medium: 5 1/2" length

Large: 7 3/4" length - Large ones are great for rough spots and calluses on your feet as well as fingernails and even pets claws.  

File blanks made in Czech Republic. Decorative tops Made in Washington. 

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