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Poppy Symphony

Poppy Symphony

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Experience a mesmerizing symphony of colors that soothes the stresses of everyday life. Vibrant shades blend harmoniously, creating a tranquil visual journey that captivates the mind. Immerse yourself in a surreal oasis that awakens the mind's eye.

Original Digital Abstract Print created in house by John Miller. 
Printed on Fabric with 5/8" Black Floating Frame.  Prints on fabric are lightweight and easy to ship and install. Frame is easily assembled with the fabric in a matter of minutes. Fabric can be easily cleaned if needed too. 

Large scale artworks are a guaranteed way to make a statement in any interior.

Dimensions: 48" x 72" - in stock and ready to ship. 

Available for print and shipping in 3 other sizes listed below.
Print and ship orders will be shipped to you within 2 - 3 weeks of order. 

Designed in Georgia. Printed in USA  
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