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Iris Mosaic

Iris Mosaic

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Purple Iris against a summer blue sky in a one of a kind mosaic panel. Each piece of stained glass is broken into varying sizes and shapes with glass nippers. The mosaic panel has iridescent glass highlights that appear from the dark purple shading when viewed w/ a dark background or when seen from a side angle. The leaves also feature a sparkle green glass for more added interest. Each piece of glass is glued onto a sheet of tempered glass. The pieces are then grouted with a colored epoxy grout. Once cured the entire panel gets coated in a resin epoxy creating a smooth surface on the top which enhances the look and keeps them easy to clean. 

Mosaic Dimensions: 16" x 9 1/4" 

Framed in 3/4" matte black frame and ready to ship within 1 week. 

Made in Savannah

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