Acrylic Stands
Acrylic Stands

Acrylic Stands

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The double-bend construction of these clear acrylic easels gives them extra strength and stability. The rounded lines and highly polished edges makes them the unobtrusive choice for plates and platters. Whether you want to stand a glass platter or painting up for display or hang a platter on a wall these stands are a great option. 

Available in 2 sizes with short or long legs to dictate how straight up the piece will sit in the holder. 

 Large #1: 12" ht x 10 1/2" width front of legs, x 10" depth. Back piece is 4 3/4" wide. Recommended holder for the Wavy Bowls. It is drilled and can be securely wall mounted.

Large #2: 12"ht  x 9 1/4" width front of legs, x 7" depth. Back piece is 7" wide. An upright stand that is ideal for some shorter glass pieces and small paintings or other decorative items you'd like to display standing up. It is not drilled for wall hanging. 

 Items ship within 3 business days, most ship same day. 

Made in New Mexico