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Frederick Warren

Silver Opaque Glass Vase

Silver Opaque Glass Vase

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Private Reserve. Rare piece created by Frederick Warren. A pioneer of the Silver Opaque Glass technique, which has not been used by any other glass maker prior or since, in large part due to the toxic nature of the process.

My first interactions with Silver Opaque Glass are from RAF Gallery in 2002. I was able to sell several of his pieces in the early 2000's while he was creating these pieces. I have been seeking his works in the secondary market for over 15 years. They rarely come to auction. Vibrant yellows and aqua colors really add to the drama of this vase. 

"My involvement with Silver Opaque Glass began during my training in 1970. Boyce Lundstrom's strong background in glaze calculations led him to experiment with silver. Under his supervision, I mixed, loaded, adjusted reduction and oxidation levels, dumped batches, recalculated, reloaded, learning to perfect the glass in the furnace." Boyce went on to become one of the founding owners of Bullseye Glass.

"Born in Fire, Colored by the Sun, Kissed by the Moon, Shaped by Wind and Water"

Rare opportunity. There are some light surface spots in a few areas that are in the glass and a part of the glass creating process. They have a starry sky effect which works beautifully with the natural colors and designs of this vase. It is not signed or dated on the bottom. You can see the details of the piece in the video posted. 

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Made in Michigan likely in the 1990's. 

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