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Frederick Warren

Silver Opaque Vessel

Silver Opaque Vessel

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Private Reserve. Rare piece created by Frederick Warren. A pioneer of the Silver Opaque Glass technique, which has not been used by any other glass maker prior or since, in large part due to the toxic nature of the process. 

In the 90's Frederick traveled to the Grand Canyon where his work was forever changed by the inspiring southwest landscape. "The silver glass had been waiting for me to bring it forward. It allows me to focus on images - painting in glass. The glass you see today is a single homogenous mixture that can give a wide array to opaque colors. What's in the glass is a mix of tin, silver and copper. Each design and color range requires a different approach. Early in the process, I work the surface to create a memory that with heating/cooling will produce the desired results. Images are created and colored during the blowing. After cooling, many forms are cut, ground and shaped before being acid etched." 

This unique shaped vessel is iconic of Frederick's works during the 1990's. He loved to create asymmetrical openings in the tops of the blown pieces. Each work is acid etched creating the smoothest texture you've ever felt in glass. 

The colors in this piece are more unique from many of his works, with a range of red and magenta tones that are reminiscent of the Grand Canyon - his ultimate inspiration which fueled the look of his pieces for over a decade. 

Rare Opportunity. Don't miss your chance to own a stunning piece from the American Studio Glass Movement history. Signed on bottom. Likely made in the early 2000's. 

Items ship within 3 business days, most ship same day. 

Made in Michigan 

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